Welcome to Belgrade!

Dear All,

It’s my pleasure to invite you to participate in European Club Teams Cup 2023, the sole club-level archery tournament.

Though archery is perceived as a predominantly individual sport, in actuality, most archers rely on their coaches, teammates, clubs, as well as clubs’ enthusiasm and propensity to create stimulative and supportive environment, enabling athletes to achieve their best.

Join us in Belgrade, the city of sports, for a 3-day-long experience of friendship, solidarity, teamwork, and archery, the sport that connects us.

We are excited to see you all and go on this journey together!

Aleksandra Stankovic
LOC President


You can download the booklet here.

Transportation Schedule

Transportation schedule is available for downlod here.

Live Scores

You can track scores in real time at https://livescore.archery.co.rs.

Field of Play Location

Field of Play is located at the Athletic Stadium Kosutnjak, Belgrade

Tournament Organizers

Tournament Sponsors